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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

days seemed to be the same
in an overall okay
but one particular morning
my troubles would bloom
in spring-time cocoons
as wings crept out of wombs
the yellow and orange blossoms
would leave my insides rotten
with beautiful pictures
of flying rorschach tests
it was love at first flight
fluttering in my eyes
were the sights that set
my insides aflame with affection

spring and summer were fine
but autumn brought cold nights
and oh, those lonesome sad winters
left alone for months on end
no love, no flight, no friends
and yes, i have tried
to pluck moths from the light
and change their wings
to be more familiar things
but the paint weighs them down
so they never leave the ground
and oh, those lonesome, sad winters
where i wait for the caterpillars

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