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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Expiration Date

the apple of my eye
has shriveled down to a core
please take her away
i don't want her no more
the strawberry kisses
from my former misses
grow flies and maggots
attracting facets of rodents
crawling on the same wrist
where i once peeled and bit
into sweet meat sugar water
sucking seeds and plucking leaves
i can't help but miss
her peach chest
my nest at night
sending sugar plum dreams
to hold me over
until i awoke
in her garden of scents
and i guess it makes sense
my love has turned into
a mess of regrets
with pesticide mind
i find myself salivating
over her kiwi complexion
but there's no question
my good intentions
can't ripen and blossom
where she's gone rotten
so i accept my fate
to end my moldy maid
under a mango moon
in a bitter autumn sky
with a sigh-lined breath
i attempt to ask myself why
do i still want to try
knowing just one bite
would make me sick
but still i lick my lips
for one last taste
on this:
our expiration date

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Melotov Cocktail said...

Love this one, the imagery in it is incredibly unique and clever.