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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Steal this poem.

He came over the hill
equipped with the time
But had no idea
Of the things he'd find:

Amongst the strange glow brewing with trouble,
Lay the remains of the sane mixed in the jungle of rubble
And what's worse is we discover
That the lips of another
Flutter from the tongue and cheek of this month's week
But before we begin with digitized lies,
Let's not forget that the beginning of "why's"
Lies not at the end of a corroded liver
But rather is delivered with blisters
So expose your gums to your audience
To let them know that you're serious
And remember to repeat this sermon
Determined on leaning how to spot vermin:

Look past the lies that lie on lion's teeth
Read in between the lines of a tiger's striped sheets
Don't trust the spots that cheetah's tend to speak
And never let the panther persuade that today is this month's week

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