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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black and yellow.

In spite of what you may have heard
I'm not dead
Yes in spite of the crushed lungs, chipped teeth and holes in my head
Remember when progression left
A bleeding heart tied to the back of a crow rains blood of a new
Irrational passion passing through
from the end of this tounge to the tips
of my fingers that fly like this
Pause and reflect, remember all that I truly miss
But know when to move on
Move on like this
From a child on the swing crying from a bee-sting
The bastard flew in my ear
I just heard a buzz and smacked my head like that
My brain rang as salt water adorned my face
and that's just one memory that I haven't erased
But the days of sorrow in that place
Can't be an excuse of the trials I now face
So move on

Still got oil in your blood and an engine in your brain
gears for guts and a heart that sustains
Somehow after all these years
So move on
Come on and move on
the dead deer in the lake are gone
so move on
come on and move on

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CanisLatrans said...

This is beautifully written sir. Your writing style captivates me, honestly.