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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thai this on

I sit by myself in a Thai restaurant, waiting for my vegetarian yellow curry. I can't wait for the coconut milk and potatoes to grace my taste buds. I am completely alone in the restaurant. "It for here?" The lady at the counter asks me. I think they might be trying to close. I look around and respond, "Oh, I can leave."
The bathroom here is real nice. After I order, I set my water down at a table and took a piss. Not at the table, or in my water, but in the nice bathroom.
I wonder where the other fellas are. Last I saw them, they were gearing up to eat sandwiches, as I walked passed in my pursuit of my own eatery.
Now that I have my meal, I'm like a virgin at the first sight of pussy. Practically afraid to even taste, in fear of the pleasure that I might feel. For a moment I contemplate fucking my curry in the nice bathroom, but I come to my senses. Finish my sentence. And try my food.

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